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I took the camera with me on a few walks around the office.

Our office, Philips Unit 3 on Magrath Rd. Our team occupies the entire second floor of the office building. Philips Software Center has two other buildings in different parts of the city. They are currently planning on building a new one big enough for everybody. It is planned to be available next year in fall.

The first thing you notice when you come into the office is the low ceiling. It is a lot lower than in Europe. In fact it is so low that our colleague Jurrien can barely stand straight without touching the ceiling! With his length of 207 cm he draws attention everywhere.

The canteen on the roof top of our office building. A view over Bangalore from the top of our office building. This is really in the middle of the city! For a break we often go to the canteen on the top of the building, get a drink, and go out on the terrace. From there you can look out over Bangalore and see for yourself why it is called the Garden City. Over 40% of the city area are green! We have been told that this used to be much more, but Bangalore grew in the last 15 years by more than 100%.

The construction site opposite our office. Opposite our office a new, big office building is being erected. It is really interesting to see how this is done here in India. Only a handful of people are working here.

Drying clothes on the gravel on a construction site. It seems to be several families are actually living in the half-completed building. The children are jumping around and have a good time while their parents are at work.

Children are playing on the construction site opposite our office. They are constantly making fresh concrete which is transported via some elevator to the top of the building. There it is picked up and put onto flat bowls which are carried by the women on their heads to the site where the concrete is needed.

Brigade Rd is one of the main shopping streets in Bangalore. At noon we often go for a little walk on Brigade road. Rudi found a Kodak Q-lab photo processing lab off a side street. He has all his slides developed there. Right on Brigade road is another photo store were he bought some photo equipment. The owner has a studio nearby that Rudi wants to rent to take some pictures of Indian models. He says it is a lot cheaper here than in Belgium.

Every three days the heap of garbage at the corner of the street was burnt down, only to grow again the next day. At the end of Magrath road, before we come to Brigade road, is a place where the street cleaners and others dump garbage. This garbage heap is periodically burnt and then cleaned up, just to grow back the next day.

The public urinal at the corner of Magrath Rd. Read the sign... Right next to it is a public urinal with a funny sign in front of it. The sign states that "urinating, spitting and littering in public places will attract administrative charges". On warm days the urinal and the garbage heap stink so bad that it is best to hold your breath until you have passed the spot.

Not that the smell of the traffic is much better. The traffic at this intersection is quite heavy and very noisy. Everybody is honking at everybody else! We even saw big advertisements that read

Honk - honk - honk - honk - honk
Honk - honk - honk - honk - honk
That's how morons communicate

Sleeping dogs on the sidewalk. The sidewalks on the streets are very bumpy and often used by dogs for sleeping. Stray dogs are a big problem in Bangalore. It is estimated that there are about 200.000 stray dogs within the city limits.

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Michael Prümm