Rudi's birthday party

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The birthday cake, a sweet thing with lots of chocolate.

August 12th 1999 was Rudi's 38th birthday. He invited all our colleagues from PSC working on our project plus a few people from the hotel for a party at the pool side.

We started with some drinks outside by the pool. It was a gorgeous day, except for the evening... About 15 minutes before the party, it started raining cats and dogs. The hotel had to find a drier place for the buffet. Inside they were renovating one of the restaurants and luckily the work finished two days before. So everything was moved inside while we were having some drinks outside in a sheltered area.

Ann and Rashmi. This was the first time we saw Ann not wearing her hotel uniform. In the hotel she is wearing the same green and red Sari as Rashmi here. Most of our friends from the hotel were on shift in the evening and could manage to drop by for some time. Only Ann was off and had to ask the manager for permission to come to the party.

Since most of our colleagues worked late and wanted to come directly from work, we figured they would get caught in the rain and go home first to change. We waited a while for them to show up, but nobody came.

The buffet: enough for 20 to 30 people. In the foreground the vegetarian food, then salads, and the non-veg in the background. Bart is trying some ice cream. It took a while to convince him that the ice cream in the hotel was "safe". Now we had a buffet for 20 people to share with 7! There was something for every taste. Steak for our Belgian friends, fish and vegetarian food for the Indians. Bart even tried some ice cream!

Rudi is blowing out the candle on his birthday cake. That was the second cake he had from the hotel as part of his buffet. He got the first one in the morning.

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